Balbieriskis Journal

       In June of 2004, I joined a Jewish genealogy tour to Lithuania, run by Howard Margol and Moe Finkelstein.  The tour was designed so that the group would all meet and tour around Vilnius, the capital, for a few days, and then split up so that each person could visit the town where an ancestor came from.  My mother's grandfather, Barnet Lieberman, came from Balbieriskis, near Mariampole.  As I was setting up the logistics of tour, I realized that the town where my father's parents came from was not far away (Drohiczyn, Belarus), so I arranged to visit Drohiczyn as well.  Here is a record of what I did and saw:

6/22/2004:  The Journey to Lithuania

6/24/2004:  The Holocaust in Lithuania and the Gaon of Vilna  

6/25/2004:  The Archives of Vilnius, the Museum of Tolerance, and the Jewish Synagogue

6/26/2004:  The Ghetto of Vilnius

6/27/2004:  The Castle of Trakai

6/28/2004:  Drohiczyn

6/29/2004:  Balbieriskis

6/30/2004:  The Kaunas Ghetto and Fort IX